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Leonardo Thompson
Leonardo Thompson

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (2007) Season... !!BETTER!!

After an assault on their home Flurious forces the rangers for the rest of the jewels by threatening Mack, Flurious got all the jewels and did not destroy Mack. He then completes the crown and powers up to his ultimate form, a powerful skeletal monster composed of stone and ice called Flurrex. He then begins to bring a new ice age to the planet. During his fight with the rangers, Flurious grows to gigantic size and destroyed the Rangers' 2 Megazords with his massive, super strength by lifting Drivemax Megazord & its Saber, and also the Battlefleet Megazord (in its Battleship mode), with a powerful single blast without even breaking a sweat. Boasting that no human can stop him, Mack (who is an android) decides to face him alone in Battlizer mode while the others face his army of Chillers. Mack defeats Flurious and separates him from the crown. Flurious was a fool for not destroyed Mack sooner when he had the chance. Before Flurious in his weakened state can put the crown back on, Mack picks him up and kills Flurious for good.[35]

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (2007) Season...


I also had some time to handle this toy before It was sent out for review. While I agree with most of your points, I think you are coming off too strong. Is the toy as good as it's Japanese cousin? Absolutely not. Is it good compared to prevoius Bandai America Megazord releases? No. The paint is poor, the plastic is thin and the toy is very... simple. Collectors will hate this toy, and will probably stay away from it. But I think you have to understand that Collectors are not the target market for this toy. KIDS are. Will kids like it? Probably. I think the level of popularity of power rangers is waning due to the show being banished to an obscure digital cable channel might have something to do with the lukewarm reception you received. 041b061a72


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