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Monopod Selfie Stick Best Buy

When you hear the phrase "selfie stick," there are probably a few different types of thoughts that go through your head. Whether you love them or not, you can't deny that they can be extremely useful in certain situations.

monopod selfie stick best buy

A selfie stick is the perfect remedy for this type of problem. No more need to ask a complete stranger to take a photo for you, or to spend time setting up a tripod (and risk someone snatching your phone while you're a few metres away, posing for the shot). All you have to do is attach your phone to the selfie stick, extend the arm, and capture the magical moment.

Some sticks feature a remote trigger, so you can hit a button on the stick to take the shot (rather than using the camera's timer). A Bluetooth-equipped selfie stick connects wirelessly to your phone, but it requires power so you'll need to make sure the battery is charged before you leave the house. Some Bluetooth sticks can integrate with apps on your phone, which provides options for adding creative touches to your photos.

When you're shopping for selfie sticks, look for a clamp or grip that holds your phone tightly, because the last thing you want is your phone to drop to the ground while you're holding the stick high in the air.

When you hear the phrase \"selfie stick,\" there are probably a few different types of thoughts that go through your head. Whether you love them or not, you can't deny that they can be extremely useful in certain situations.

Looking to take the perfect selfie? We researched over 60 selfie sticks before purchasing 7 of the best to put through rigorous head-to-head testing. For our review, we spent hours with each product to ensure a thorough examination was made in our series of metrics. We brought each one along for a variety of adventure activities including rock climbing and performed a drop test to truly examine each product's durability. We took more selfies than we're comfortable admitting to but did what was needed to understand the demands of a photographer in the selfie world. Whether taking a selfie for a dating app or for a family holiday card, the right selfie stick is crucial for the best photo, and we can help.

The Vproof Bluetooth Selfie is incredibly streamlined. It was both the lightest and smallest (when stowed) selfie stick we tested. The simple design features a (non-removable) remote shutter built into the handle, and extensions are made by simply pulling on the end of the stick. It performed well relative to its weight during the shake and drop tests, making this product a great option at its price point. It offers super-fast setup, which is helpful for getting that impromptu shot at a party or on vacation.

It does not have a tripod; if that's a feature you're looking for, check out some of the other products we tested, like the BZE 40-Inch Extendable or the Lifelimit Tripod. In our drop testing, on the fifth round of the concrete drop test, the removable battery (to power the remote shutter) fell out of the bottom of the handle, though the stick overall held together otherwise. During the shake test, the cell phone lasted most of the test's duration but failed on the final four shakes; we still found this impressive given the mount's size. The Vproof is best for those shopping on a budget, looking for a well-built, lightweight model, where handheld use is anticipated.

The Lifelimit is more so a tripod than a selfie stick, so it's incredibly bulky for transport or handheld photos. Additionally, during our drop tests, a few small parts broke, including a portion of the knob for the tripod tightener. Ultimately, everything was as functional after the drop test, but it didn't inspire confidence in more rugged tripod use. The Lifelimit is best for those looking for a tripod-focused option, where weight and space are less of a concern.

The Yoozon spring-based mount was adequate, but there was a slight bit of cell phone movement throughout the shake test (though the cell phone never fell out). It held up well during the drop test, but we noticed a bit more wobble in the telescoping extensions afterward. While the telescoping extensions and the tripod stows nicely, the cell phone mount sticks out when folded, making it more cumbersome for travel. The Yoozon is best for shoppers seeking a model that can do anything and care less about it excelling in any one category.

After researching the market, we purchased 7 of the top selfie sticks to analyze side by side. We tested the products in this review by spending several hours with each option over the course of four weeks. Each product was put through five drop tests onto concrete, as well as an intense shake test to investigate durability and how well each product held onto an electronic device. Additionally, we examined the features and value of each product.

Spearheading the testing and research of this review is Zach Joseph. In addition to being a tech product reviewer, Zach has spent nearly a decade as a photographer in the mountains, both for paid content generation and while guiding students/clients. Many clients Zach has brought into the mountains have brought selfie sticks/tripods to maximize the photo opportunities in environments inherently unique to the alpine environment. Additionally, we consulted several other opinions on the more subjective categories of this review.

First and foremost, a selfie stick needs to be an extension of one's hand, and therefore not let go of your precious electronics while taking a selfie. For this metric, we created a rigorous test that we named the shake test. We measured a four-foot distance on a wall, put a cushion below our test area, attached a cell phone to the product, and performed 50 shakes at that four-foot distance. We recorded the number of shakes performed before the cell phone fell out, and we even performed the 50-shake test twice on each product, using the average between the two test results as the product's score.

The lightweight Atumtek stood out in this metric for its resilience to being dropped and drug around the outdoors. The most common ailment regarding durability was the telescoping sections of the extensions, which would loosen after testing durability. With the Atumtek, its extensions and the rest of the selfie stick were just as functional and solid before and after durability testing.

We assessed each product in the category of features based on the number of features, the relevancy of those features, and the functionality of those features. We created two parts to the features metric, including baseline and bonus features. We defined baseline features for a selfie stick as the length of extension, remote shutter, tripod, and cell phone mount. For bonus features, we included multi-camera compatibility, photo lamp, and screw-tightened device mount. The most effective method we used to test features was to take each product out on as rigorous of a selfie-day as possible, which included dragging selfie sticks up climbs and hikes. Taking each model out for extended use unearthed the quality (or lack thereof) of each device's features and any nuances of design that were worth mentioning.

Planning to go abroad soon? Invest in one of the best selfie sticks before you go and not only will it enable you to take excellent pictures but you won't be tempted to buy a cheap, poor-quality one while you're away. The best selfie sticks will come with Bluetooth control, extend to a decent length and pack away small enough to fit in a rucksack. If you're willing to spend a bit more you could even get one with built-in charging which is great for when you're on the move all day.

Our writers and editors looked for the best selfie sticks available. We test with both iPhones and Androids, research and review the best products with a focus on quality, durability and the overall value for the price. 041b061a72


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