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Electric Cooktops At Best Buy

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Electric Cooktops At Best Buy

If you are looking to replace your old gas cooktop with a shiny new electric one, you're in the right place. The best electric cooktops are more energy efficient, cleaner and also safer to use than their gas counterparts. This guide will show you the best electric cooktops on the market, whether you are on a tight budget, have a small kitchen, or a large family.

Electric induction cooktops utilize induction heating to warm pots and pans, rather than heating the surface of your cooktop. They are more energy efficient than others as they transfer heat and energy directly to your cookware. They also cool much down much quicker, greatly reducing the risk of burns - this makes them a great choice for families with small children.

Electric cooktops with a centralized heat source transfer heat to the surface which then heats your cookware. They take longer to cool down after being turned off, which can be a benefit as the residual heat can be used to keep cooking food or keep it warm without using any energy.

Both types of electric stoves are completely smooth and flat and are much easier to clean than gas cooktops. Many of them now also come with automatic shutoff and other safety features. For example, a lot of them detect objects on their surface and will switch off automatically if needed - so you don't need to worry about setting your favorite washcloth on fire!

Some high-end cooktops also have a number of smart features such as Wi-Fi control for slow cooking and stewing - great for keeping an eye on your dish without having to leave the comfort of your couch.

This cooktop also boasts very impressive efficiency, with 90% of the heat being transferred to cookware (for reference, about 50% of heat is transferred via a conventional gas cooktop and about 70% with a conventional electric cooktop). Another impressive feature that is worth mentioning is the controls. With the Samsung NZ30K7880UG, you can choose between removable magnetic knobs or digital touch controls for ultimate flexibility - the removable knobs also help with the cleaning process making it super easy to wipe down.

The GE JP3021DPBB is designed for smaller kitchens, with a compact 21-inch surface. This cooktop features only two burners on a small ceramic-glass panel with ribbon heating elements. While two burners don't sound like a lot compared to other cooktops on this list, it is enough for singles or couples with a small kitchen and not a lot of mouths to feed.

Radiant CoilThis type of electric cooktop works by passing electricity to heat a spiral of flattened metal which is either positioned inside or suspended over the cooktop surface.

The heat is then sent out in waves through the metal spiral. The heat settings for radiant coil cooktops range from low to high. This type of model is generally more affordable than smooth-top model cooktops.

Smooth TopWhen it comes to smooth-top electric cooktops, there are two types to choose from: radiant and induction. Much like the radiant coil cooktops, radiant smooth-top cookers operate in a similar way. However, the metal spirals lie under a sleek and smooth ceramic surface, so no crumbs can slip in. This makes smooth top cooktops a lot easier to clean.

Induction smooth-top electric cooktops use electromagnetism to transfer heat to magnetic metal pots and pans. These models tend to be more expensive as they can heat up and cool down much more quickly than other models. But just remember: induction hobs can only be used with the conductive cookware we mentioned above.

Electric cooktops range in size from 15 inch models to 48 inch designs.But the most common electric cooktops are between 30 inches to 36 inches, because they correspond to the most common cabinet widths.

That way, you can cook multiple foods at any one time, without worrying about your pots and pans fitting. Essentially, the size of your electric cooktop matters because it will impact how you cook. You want to strike the




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