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Latina Maid

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Fig. 6 Kate Del Castillo plays Rosario, a woman who works as a maid in the U.S., who dreams of reuniting with her son, Carlitos (Adrian Alonso). With the money she makes as a maid, Rosario calls her son every Sunday, and pays her family members to look after him. La Misma Luna (2007)

Fig. 7 For her role as Amelia, the nanny and maid of an American family in the Oscar-nominated film, Babel, Mexican actress Adriana Barraza was nominated for a Golden Globe, a Screen Actor's Guild Award, and an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Adriana Barraza, Babel (2006)

Fig. 8 Chilean actress Catalina Saavedra played Raquel, a maid who had been serving a family for over 20 years, who literally cleans house to ensure that she's the family's only help. Saavedra's performance in the film won her several awards for Best Actress. The Maid (2009)

Fig. 9 Mexican actress Lupe Ontiveros estimates that she has played a maid between 150 and 300 times in her career. idealistic and emotional Nora Manning, Simom Bishop's (Greg Kinnear) maid in the Oscar-winning film, As Good As It Gets. Lupe Ontiveros, As Good As It Gets (1997)

Actress Lupe Ontiveros has built a career on playing immigrant characters. She may not have a household name, but she says that she's been a maid more than 150 times, including on the sitcom Reba and in the films As Good As It Gets, Charlie's Angels and Who's The Boss

"I didn't ask her to do the part in the pilot, but, I ran into her and she was ticked off for [my] not offering her the part," White says. "I was like, 'Lupe, of course I want to work with you again. I think you are genius, but I felt after all of the conversations we had on the set of Chuck & Buck you wouldn't want to be offered the part of a maid.' And, she's like, 'I want to work!' "

15 Ways of Looking at a Latina Michelle Lizet Flores (bio) They call us Arcelia Treasure; altar of heavenThey call us Diosdada Determined; God givenThey call us Olga Light; holyThey call us Ester Star; myrtle leafThey call us Xiomara Ba le ready; famous in warThey call us Carmen Song; gardenThey call us Milagros Miracles; marvelsThey call us muchacha Girl; maidThey call us guapa Beautiful; boldThey call us chonga Working class; sexually and emotionally expressiveThey call us mami Mother; sexyThey call us pendeja Vulgar; idiotThey call us peluda Swarthy; hairyThey call us puta Prostitute; slutThey call us Latina Only if we are the right shade of brown. [End Page 188] 59ce067264




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