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Ramazan Subbotin

Moeller Easy Soft Pro: A Comprehensive Guide and Review

if the inside of the nut looks a little soft, instead of just cracking them just cut them in half and remove the two halves. over time, the kernel softens. the kernel usually gets softer as the nut or tree gets older, and actually the older the nut or tree, the longer it can be stored. a year is an excellent age to start storing nuts, but no longer than three years.

moeller easy soft pro crack

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try a small amount of alcohol (at least 98%!) on the surface. if you want to crack the shell, you can do it by hitting the nut with an iron. a circle shaped tool that is like an iron and has a small point is called a nutcracker. you can use a nutcracker to crack the shell, but the alcohol will inhibit the nutcracker from working. metal woods will dull an iron. steel woods will dent wood. steel woods also tend to be too heavy to move around easily and are not fun to paint.

yes, it takes time to crack and dust. but its a pretty simple process. i will take pictures if you send me an email at the link above. send me a screenshot of the finished product, and i will send you a blow up of how to crack them on the photos. you can also use a saw and cut to get the pieces out. use a hand vise and hammer to crack them. again, i will send pics if you email me!

your molars are also especially susceptible to cracks and fractures when you are doing very strenuous sports, such as those that require forceful jaw clenching (pulling with your jaw muscles rather than biting). this can be an especially risky type of sports because many different types of sports can have this effect, including football, basketball, hockey, wrestling, and cheerleading. many people usually go to the dentist for a regular routine cleaning every six months and do not realize that since they are so skilled in their teeth cleaning techniques, they are actually hurting their molars. this is also true for people who smoke or use tobacco products as well as people who do not properly brush their teeth, especially if they do so with a hard abrasive brush and sometimes even a toothpaste.


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