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Leonardo Thompson
Leonardo Thompson

Supreme Destiny Hack [REPACK]

supreme destiny had been released by the time destiny 2 was published, and became quite successful, becoming the most popular mmorpg in scandinavia. it also featured a 3d architecture with dungeons and worlds, epic battles and dynamic guild functionality. supreme destiny was reviewed positively by the press as a ground-breaking and exclusive mmorpg for the time. the game was in many ways ahead of its time, but failed to find a large audience due to a lack of dedicated servers and very low populations online.

Supreme Destiny Hack

in january 2020,followed suit,and started legal action against those who posted, or even alleged they posted, the hack on various russian forum, weibo or even sent in a large volume of membership cards on their behalf. it is currently unknown how much bungie is prepared to negotiate, sue, or pay these cheaters who are willing to do anything and everything to get cheats, so far.

bungie faces competition from activision to reach the top of the gaming world. as a large game developer it gets more than just a game, it gets an ecosystem around them and their game. these fans are the core of the fanbase and also the people who can help drive new fans. as a result they want to be sure the game is good and not full of bugs. so if a user hacks the game and call themselves cheaters to gain money or be better then the cheater has no respect to the game and the developer. as a result, we have seen many hack made for moba and pc games which are full of bugs.

after the reveal of destiny 2 on august 2, 2016, the wait seemed to be in vain for fans. the new bungie game also showed the style of gameplay that would let fans have an experience very different from the previous game. i remember playing destiny in the day where it would be dusk and i was looking for fights that would take place at night. you would find a large number of nightfall events waiting to happen. nightfall events would be where players would go in teams and fight off larger groups of enemies. i also played the 2nd version of destiny where i would go in and kill the devil and take his gear. i remember the way the combat worked in the first and second version of the game was very different. i could use skills to great an effect or i could just shoot. i could start just shooting and not worry about getting into a fight and still i am attacked by a large group of players. so i could just run around and shoot them down as they group up.


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