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Download Your Facebook Photos Fast and Securely with This Simple Method

To save your own Facebook videos, go to More > Videos > Your Videos and click the pencil icon. Choose the quality, and then click Download under the More menu. To download other people's Facebook videos, you'll need a third-party app.

You can grab your own, saved Facebook Live streams through the Your Videos page. For other people's, use an app like Friendly for Facebook, which gives you download options in the Share menu.

download your facebook photos

@Narayanan Hariharan: Have you found a solution to this? I am under some time constraints where I need to download photos from a Facebook group which are not part of an album. A few of the other solutions posted here cost a monthly subscription. It is not something I need to do on a regular basis, but a current project I only need to obtain photos for this one time. Thank you in advance for any assistance on this! Time is of the essence!

If I am a business owner with multiple stores that have individual pages that I manage under business manager how do I download a copy of all the photos and videos across say 50+ Facebook pages, content that is uploaded by the different store mangers but is still essentially owned by the business.

How to download all your facebook photos at once

Save and download your facebook photos before deleting your account

Download your facebook photos in high quality

Download your facebook photos from the app

Download your facebook photos to your computer

Download your facebook photos by album

Download your facebook photos in bulk

Download your facebook photos in zip file

Download your facebook photos and videos

Download your facebook photos to google drive

Download your facebook photos to iphone

Download your facebook photos to android

Download your facebook photos to mac

Download your facebook photos to pc

Download your facebook photos to dropbox

Download your facebook photos to icloud

Download your facebook photos to external hard drive

Download your facebook photos to usb

Download your facebook photos to cd

Download your facebook photos to sd card

Download your facebook photos from messenger

Download your facebook photos from stories

Download your facebook photos from timeline

Download your facebook photos from groups

Download your facebook photos from pages

Download your facebook photos from marketplace

Download your facebook photos from events

Download your facebook photos from memories

Download your facebook photos from profile picture album

Download your facebook photos from cover photo album

Download your facebook data with all your photos included

Export and download your facebook photos to another platform

Backup and download your facebook photos for safekeeping

Transfer and download your facebook photos to a new account

Restore and download your facebook photos from a deleted account

Print and download your facebook photos as a photo book

Edit and download your facebook photos with filters and stickers

Share and download your facebook photos with friends and family

Tag and download your facebook photos with names and locations

Organize and download your facebook photos by date and category

This is really helpful in scaling down the options. However, I would like to download the comments I had next to the photos as well. Which one would you recommend? I have 601 photos in that particular album. Thank you JP.

If you want to download a Facebook album from your own profile, Facebook has a simple method to do that. Again, you don't need any third-party downloader apps for this. However, you'll need to use Facebook on the web since the mobile apps don't let you download albums.

Facebook will get to work creating a zipped folder. Depending on the size of the album, this can take some time. Once it's done, you will get a notification telling you that the album is ready to download. Click the notification, enter your Facebook password, and select Continue. Your album will immediately start downloading.

There is also a simple method to download all photos from Facebook that you have ever uploaded. You will even get them in the right sub-folders organized by album. But the names of the files can be a little strange.

Facebook will take some time to get the ZIP file ready, depending on how many photos and videos you have on Facebook. Once it's done, you will get a notification to download it from Available Files.

The filter icon next to the search box at the top helps you find a user or a Page. Then browse to the album you want. Here, you can download all photos in the album or select a few to save. The method also works for videos. The major caveat is, the app is only available on Android.

Besides organizing, you can make a thoughtful gift for a wake with individual photos or use them to decorate your walls. A memory board is another way to make a forever souvenir. Below are steps to get you started:

Just like organizing your home, organizing your photos can be a daunting task. Thankfully, Facebook makes it simple. After you download your chosen photos, you can add it to any folder on your desktop and organize it by month, date, year, or occasion. To make printing more manageable, you can print photos directly from your phone after downloading them.

Once you start saving all your Facebook photos to your Camera Roll, chances are, your storage will fill up quickly. Gemini Photos can help you delete duplicate and blurry images on your iPhone to make room for more Facebook photos.

If the idea of downloading your Facebook photos one by one sounds like too much work, never fear. There is a way to download all of your photos from Facebook at once. You can download all your Facebook history and data (including pictures) on your iPhone through the Facebook app.

The downloaded file will be added to your iCloud Drive on your iPhone. There, press on the ZIP file and navigate through the folders (which will be named after your Facebook photo albums) to access your photos. From there, you have two options to save them to your Camera Roll:

Facebook also records all your personal information, like relationships or places of work, and they store every change in your Facebook archive. If you have an ex-partner who you'd rather forget, downloading Facebook content will reveal when you started and ended the relationship with them - if you made it 'Facebook official.'

There's the option to download your Facebook data directly from the website or the app. The download from the website is most compatible with desktops or laptops - it's far easier to view, move, and change the downloaded files.

Click on that, and the first thing you'll see is the access your information tool. Here you'll find all the things you didn't realize Facebook was tracking. The access your information tool is an excellent way of exploring your data before you download it - we'll explain why that comes in handy further along.

Once you've explored the access your information tool, it's time to download all that data. Start by going back to your Facebook information page and then click on the third option - download your information.

Facebook will then present you with another list of options. At the top, you'll notice a section called Request Copy and another called Available Copies. For now, you're interested in Request Copy - the available copies section is like a Facebook backup for your downloads for a few days after the download is complete.

By default, if you went onto the next step without customizing your download, every part of your history is included in the Facebook download. But if you look just below the section that allows you to customize the date range and more, you'll notice your information.

Here, you can deselect anything you don't wish to be included in the download. Facebook Gaming, for example, might not be on your wish list. That's why it's wise to look through your Facebook information section first to see which sections you're most interested in downloading.

The time it takes for the download to finish varies depending on the data you've requested and the media quality. Facebook will display a message saying a copy of your information is being created. Just below that message is the option to cancel this process if you wish to.

Click on download, and it'll begin to download onto your desktop, ready for you to save and use. Facebook will ask you to enter your password once before it begins the download to your desktop.

Let's face it - you're not going to want to wait hours for your download to complete and then have to sit and sift through endless files to view the data you're actually interested in. Instead, you might be wondering how to download all Facebook photos.

The first option is to go through the same process listed above that takes you to the download your information section. Deselect everything other than the posts option. That will see you download everything you've posted to Facebook, including the all-important pictures, videos, statuses, and anything you're going to be interested in if you're taking a trip down memory lane.

You can also easily download pictures from your Facebook on a desktop by clicking on the image or album you wish to download, clicking on the three dots, and selecting download. That's the easiest way to download Facebook pictures if you don't want videos and posts to be included.

Open the app and click on the three lines in the top right corner. Look for Settings under the Settings & Privacy section. This section doesn't look dissimilar to the desktop website version; you'll even notice that the access your information tool is there. Explore it if you wish, or click the download your information button below it.

The download your information section also looks similar to the desktop version. You can customize your data download the same way and see available copies once they're ready. Pick your selection or stick with the original option Facebook presents you - downloading all your data since the beginning of your account creation using an HTML format with high-quality media.

Once you've typed in your password and activated the download onto your desktop or cell phone, you'll want to extract everything from your Zip file. Each folder is pretty self-explanatory as the titles for the folder feature the different sections of your Facebook data.

What you then do with your data is up to you. Some people like to have a downloadable copy of their entire Facebook history to have a Facebook back up if they somehow lose the account - which is highly possible, considering 533 million people had their Facebook accounts hacked in 2021 alone.

Did you know that Facebook categorizes every user, with ProPublica identifying 52,000 unique attributes that Facebook uses to classify its users? But they don't tell you that. What attributes they've chosen to use to categorize you won't appear in your download.

You'll also notice that some of the folders in your download will be relatively empty compared to others - such as your location history and Ad interests. Realistically, the metrics Facebook uses to decipher what ads to show you should also feature in the download, but they don't.

You'll also notice that you can't recover deleted content. Facebook states that users completing a data download won't find a deleted message, photos, videos, or anything they were hoping to find. Once you delete something, Facebook removes it from its servers, and it's gone for good.

The best option is to select the data you know you're most interested in and download that. Although, you may be interested in learning what Facebook knows about you by downloading your entire history. You can then decide if you want to turn some features off.


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