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I Kissed A Girl Free Download __FULL__

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In mid-January 2008, Sobule launched a website,, which sought to raise $75,000 through fan donations in order to produce, manufacture, distribute and promote an upcoming studio album. In exchange for their donations, Sobule offered her patrons an assortment of gifts with values commensurate with the amount of the donation. These gifts ranged from a free download of the album upon its release ($10) to the opportunity to attend a recording session and sing on the record ($10,000).

When asked about her own sexuality, Perry told Santa Barbara magazine: "I like to kiss boys, but there is no doubt in my mind if Angelina Jolie or Gisele Bündchen came a callin', who wouldn't pucker up?"[38] Perry told The New Gay she had never actually kissed a girl and is heterosexual. She is quoted as saying "Yeah, it's fantasy, it's a song about curiosity."[32]

At an annual fundraiser in 2008, she recalled: "I remember having a little crush when I was 15 on this girl who was a little bit older than me. She was my best friend at the time [but] I never kissed her or anything. In retrospect, she was my muse for that song."[39] When asked by OK! magazine about kissing a girl, she replied: "Of course. I think I was 19. I kissed a girl and it was great", she also added: "Growing up I had a friend who, looking back, I think I had an obsessive little crush on her. I never kissed her but she was very beautiful and she was like a ballerina and I wanted to copy everything she did. But I think that was kind of the extent of it."[40]

In a separate interview in 2010, Perry stated to a female interviewer that she has kissed several girls.[41] Perry later admitted to Vanity Fair in early May 2011 that the reason she did not discuss it honestly at first was that a couple of "sleazy" male journalists made her uncomfortable, she stated: "So I said no, I hadn't experienced it, even though I had, because I didn't like where the guys were taking the interviews."[42]

I met my love by the gas works wallI dreamed a dream by the old canalAnd I kissed my girl by the factory wallIn the dirty old townThe dirty old townClouds a drifting across the moonAnd cats are prowling on their beatSprings a girl from the streets at nightIn the dirty old townIs'a dirty old townI heard a siren from the docksSaw a train set the night on fireAnd I smelled the spring on the smoky windIn the dirty old townDirty old townWell I'm going to make me a big sharp axeOf shining steel tempered in the fireAnd I'll chop you down like an old dead treeFrom the dirty old townDirty old townWell I met my love by the gas works wallI dreamed a dream by the old canalAnd I kissed a girl by the factory wallIn the dirty old townDirty old townIt's a dirty old townIt's a dirty old townDirty old townIt's a dirty old town

I kissed a girl and you'll like it /Or else you're a disgusting bigot /I kissed a girl and you'll like it /Christians are evil and must be destroyed so please donate your money to a pro-LGBT organization and also buy my records or else you're on the side of the fascists.

(CHORUS)I kissed a girl and I liked itThe taste of her cherry chapstickI kissed a girl just to try itI hope my boyfriend don't mind itIt felt so wrongIt felt so rightDon't mean I'm in love tonightI kissed a girl and I liked itI liked it




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