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Elisha Sitnikov
Elisha Sitnikov

Sailor Moon 01 200 Complete 11

At the end of the first season, the sailor guardians find the Dark Kingdom. All the other senshi sacrifice themselves to save Sailor Moon. Usagi rescues Endymion, but the prince dies fighting Beryl. Sailor Moon transforms into Princess Serenity. Serenity fights Beryl (who is possessed by Queen Metalia). Serenity defeats Beryl, destroys Metalia, and dies.

Sailor Moon 01 200 Complete 11

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The sailor scouts face new enemies, the Death Busters, led by Professor Tomoe. Tomoe has a daughter, Hotaru, who will become Sailor Saturn. (But first, she becomes host to Mistress 9, the Messiah of Silence.) As the Guardian of Destruction, Saturn is seen as a potential threat if awakened.

The outer sailor senshi need to find three Pure Heart Crystals which contain special talismans. Uranus and Neptune have two of them. The third belongs to Sailor Pluto. Sailor Moon transforms into Super Sailor Moon and defeats the leader of the Death Busters.

One other notable scene with nudity that was censored happens during the last episode, which was never dubbed into English. Sailor Moon is fighting off the big bad of the season and she is completely naked while doing it in the original Japanese version. However, it was censored and released in South Korea of all places, with an elegant white dress added to cover up our heroine. She was originally naked because Japan considers the naked body as a representation of purity and wanted to portray this as Sailor Moon's greatest power.

Most anime, when going from Japan to America, will Americanize names. So Sailor Moon's alter-ego went from Usagi to Serena, Mercury went from Ami to Amy, Mars went from Rei to Raye, Jupiter went from Makoto to Lita, Sailor Venus went from Minako to Mina, and Tuxedo Mask (called Tuxedo Kamen in Japan) went from Mamoru Chiba to Darien Shields. Usagi's name may have been changed to Serena because of its similarity to the Greek moon goddess Selene. Lita's name is also a pun on lightning, the weapon she wields as a Sailor Scout.

However, some names were changed just because of the negative connotations they carried with them. For instance, the evil forces the Sailor Scouts battled against were originally called the Black Moon Clan. This was changed to the Negamoon Family.

Despite their relationship being less physically abusive in the English dub, a lot of the trust Sailor Moon shows to Mars is also cut out. For instance, in the Japanese series, Serena gives Mars her moon scepter, clearly demonstrating her trust for her. However, in the English dub, Mars simply takes Serena's scepter without asking after she forgets it under her bed. So their relationship is... interesting, to say the least, in either version, but for different reasons.

So what does everyone have against the word soldier? They are serving the Moon Kingdom and fighting against the Negamoon, so they are Sailor Soldiers in an army. It's possible the words scout and guardian are simply seen as less serious and more child-friendly words. After all, the term soldier has a fighting connotation, while scout and guardian are often associated with protection. However, scout isn't as appropriate a term as soldier, since the Sailor Scouts do (gasp!) fight their enemies. They don't just gather info like a scout does. Guardian is a better fit, since they are protecting others.


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