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Where To Buy Blue Buffalo Dog Food Near Me

I had no knowledge of this law suit against blue buffalo, My 10 yr old Blue nose (Studio), Has Been On Blue Buffalo 6 weeks old till about a yr a go , when i noticed her hair falling out and the vet Saying liver damage . like please Some one Help She went from looking like a show dog . to a family member in need of some serious answers,

where to buy blue buffalo dog food near me

I had no knowledge of this lw suit against blue buffalo, until today, MARCH 18, 2018. My 8 year old boxer has just gone through surgery for cancer and his doctor said that his liver is not looking good. I feed hom blue buffalo from 6 weeks of age until just about a year ago. Please please tell contact me at asap. Thank you, Leslie jones

I was wondering Admin, if you know when we can expect the payout? I filed the claim form and submitted receipts (from Petsmart where I buy all my dog food) in April, 2016. It just so happens that our beloved yellow lab was diagnosed with diabetes shortly after I found out about the suit against BB. We fed her this food for YEARS; I am not saying that BB caused this, but I truly wonder if the type of ingredients it has contributed to her problem. We nearly lost her, but after changing her food and now giving her insulin injections (for the rest of her life!) she is doing much better!!

Blue Buffalo began as a private company in 2003 operating out of the family barn in Connecticut, and is now owned by General Mills, a public company with more than 100 subsidiaries. Blue Buffalo produces 10 lines of dry and canned foods for dogs. All of their foods are made in the US where they have 2 manufacturing plants in Joplin, MO and Richmond, IN. They also work with third party manufacturers. The company has headquarters in Wilton, CT. To date, Blue Buffalo has raised over $30 million for pet cancer research in honor of company namesake, Blue.

Most Blue Buffalo dry dog foods contain glam ingredients. These are expensive or desirable ingredients like blueberries, cranberries, kale or apples often added to appeal to consumers but are below the salt in the ingredient list. This means they are included in minuscule amounts that contribute little or no nutritional value to your dog.

Made with water buffalo, lamb, roasted bison, and venison, this tasty dry dog food is a great option for picky puppers, as well as those who simply need a protein-packed diet to fuel their four-footed adventures.

Since the pet treats deal is so much smaller than the Blue Buffalo purchase, the bar for success is lower here. But if this deal works out anywhere near as well as Blue Buffalo, General Mills shareholders should be very pleased. Still, investors should keep an eye on what the food maker does with its new brands and how it integrates them with what it already owns. If done well, this deal could help keep the pet food business growing very nicely for a few more years. 041b061a72


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