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Thomas Rogers
Thomas Rogers

Love From The Past Dj X Scratch

But because strictly scratching won't fly with the masses, "Built From Scratch" bubbles over with guest spots. "Intro," which features the Bay Area's Triple Threat, starts the record off in traditional mix-tape style, praising the X-ecutioners by deftly piecing together egotistical vocal snippets from hard-core rhymers like Mobb Deep. The four-man crew follows a solid but unspectacular hip-hop cut from frequent Swift collaborator Large Professor ("XL"), with an update of influential producer/DJ Marley Marl's "Marley Marl Scratch" into its own "X-ecutioners Scratch." MC Shan's original vocals take on four times the meaning when he declares, "If you think you can beat him, you must be nuts," while Total Eclipse shows why up-and-comers rarely challenge these turntablists with cuts quicker than Allen Iverson's killer crossover.

Love From The Past Dj X Scratch

It is important to note that within this list is an impressive historical record of the industry that developed and continues to thrive around the art of DJing, and notably, the skills (scratching, wordplay, beat juggling, and body tricks) that emerged via battles. The New Music Seminar's Battle for World Supremacy head-to-head battles of the 1980s were iconic. Moreover, the national and international competition scene that was birthed from those events is also significant. Also, noting the currently quite strong international slate of DJs who quite actively carry forth one of the essential elements of hip hop is necessary.

Here's a fascinating continuation of a point from the previous entry. In 1999, some 18 years after its inception, MTV celebrated rap music's pop-crossover success with a "Hip Hop Week" from March 8-14, 1999. As part of their programming, MTV hosted a half-hour long "DJ Battle" that was much more a showcase of the craft. Ultimately, as a college radio DJ and wannabe turntablist, it spawned my 20-year love affair with the craft. If interested in seeing the battle-style skills of names including Grandmaster Flash, Jam Master Jay, DJ Skribble, DJ Infamous, and more (with a guest spot from Stretch Armstrong), it's all here.

Respect for the art of DJing is a crucial component of scratch DJ culture: read up and learn from the legends of scratching like Mix Master Mike and DJ QBert. Doing this gives you a masterclass in how to maintain relevance in a scene that is rooted in DJ battles and competitions.

This is not a lounge album, this is music to keep your ass awake! Bomb Hip-Hop is back at it again with Volume IV of the critically acclaimed Return of the DJ series. Another all dj/all scratching album featuring some of the best turntablists in the world from the US, Canada, England and Europe. What else is there to say, these albums are awesome! Starring Qbert, Denmark's DJ Static, Moby's dj Spinbad, T-Rock and many more. track listing 01 Here 4 Years - DJ Storm 02 My Definition - DJ Static 03 Scroll of the Wrist Beam - Qbert 04 Lesson 89 - 89 Skratch Gangstaz (DJ Pone and Snayk Eyez) 05 World Domination 2001 - Happee & Dinoh 06 Dangerous - DJ JS-1 & DJ Spinbad 07 U.T.A. : 2 - DJ Maniphest featuring Mr. Thing 08 Unpleasant Thoughts - DJ Shortfuse 09 X Marks the Skratch - Slate 10 Buenos Dias Bitch - DJ Prolifix 11 Symphony 3000 - Top Rawmen (featuring Yeroc, Nando, Nomad, Mike C and Jay Slim) 12 We Are The Ones - The Wristerons 13 Girlz Didn’t Give Me None - DJ T-Rock 14 Schwicky - The Animal Crackers 15 Music Evolution - E-Jay & Rocky-Rock

The Best of RETURN OF THE DJ - The Bomb D.J.'s Released March 2003 Compact Disc Catalog # : BHH2057 Bomb celebrated it’s 50th release with this special limited edition CD. The Best of RETURN OF THE DJ features the cream of the crop from the first 4 volumes - Qbert (Wave Twisters), Rob Swift of the X-Ecutioners, Mixmaster Mike of Beastie Boys, Mr. Dibbs of Atmosphere, DJ Babu of Dilated Peoples, Kid Koala (Ninja Tune), Cut Chemist of Jurassic 5, Peanut Butter Wolf (Stones Throw) and many more world famous deejays. Also includes a special 14 minute Return of the DJ Megamix by DJ T-Rock. track listing 01 Death of Hip-Hop - Kool DJ E.Q. 02 Return of the DJ - DJ Faust 03 The Chronicles (i will always love h.e.r.) - Peanut Butter Wolf 04 Rob Get’s Busy - Rob Swift 05 Lesson 4 The Radio - Cut Chemist 06 On Da Flex - DJ Godfather 07 Scratch Monopoly II - Beat Junkies 08 Static’s Waltz - Kid Koala 09 Terrorwrist (beneath the under) - Mixmaster Mike 10 Suckas (sucka dj dis) - DJ Babu 11 Dangerous - DJ JS-1 & DJ Spinbad 12 Rockstar - Z-Trip 13 Invasion of the Octopus People - Invisibl Skratch Piklz 14 B-Boy’s Revenge 96 Porkopolis Turntable Jazz - Mr. Dibbs 15 Scroll of the Wrist Beam - Qbert 16 Return of the DJ Megamix - DJ T-Rock 041b061a72


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