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Elisha Sitnikov
Elisha Sitnikov

Heaven On Earth

By far the best hair salon in Albany not only do you become family the first visit. The Gospel music will have you shouting in your seat and your hair style choice say no more that's why it's call heaven on earth. Get there Fast Ladies she also has hairs bundles for sale as well as bags/purses.

Heaven on Earth


I've been going to heaven on earth for over 2 years now and my hair has grown tremendously and continues to be healthy. Keri-Ann always does an amazing job on my hair and I'm never disappointed. I definitely recommend her if any one is looking for a hair stylist in the Albany area

Heaven On Earth is the best salon on this side of heaven!!! I love Kerry-Ann and I have been going to her salon for over 3 years and I am a committed and loyal customer. The ambiance is beautiful, relaxing and extremely comfortable. Kerry-Ann caters to your needs and takes the time to explain how to take care of your hair from the time you leave her salon until the time you return again. She upholds the highest level of professionalism and I would recommend her to any and every one! Make your appointment today!

So then how does heaven relate to this earth? How does that dimension of reality in which God dwells impact our dimension of reality here? That is the question. That is what we are looking for when we see angels in trees.

After his resurrection, Jesus ascended and took his seat on the heavenly throne. Right now, those who are united to Jesus by faith are spiritually raised and seated with him (Ephesians 2:6). Spiritually speaking, because of our union with Jesus, we inhabit the dimension of reality in which he reigns. We are, in that sense, in heaven with him. And at the same time, we are here. We are breathing the air of this world, listening to the music of this culture, eating the food of this place. So he has sent us his Spirit.

To be in a state of true grace, is to be miserable no more; it is to be happy forever. A soul in this state is a soul near and dear to God. It is a soul much beloved, and very highly valued by God. It is a soul housed in God. It is a soul safe in God's everlasting arms. It is a soul fully and eminently interested in all the highest and noblest privileges. [Psalm 144:15; Mal 3:17; Rom 8:16-17; Deut 33:26-27; 1 Cor 3:22-23] The being in a state of grace makes a man's condition happy, safe, and sure. But the seeing, the knowing of himself to be in such a state, is that which renders his life sweet and comfortable. The being in a state of grace will yield a man a heaven hereafter, but the seeing of himself in this state will yield him both a heaven here and a heaven hereafter; it will render him doubly blessed, blessed in heaven, and blessed in his own conscience.

Assurance is not of the essence of a Christian. It is required to the well-being, to the comfortable and joyful being of a Christian; but it is not required to the being of a Christian. A man may be a true believer, and yet would give all the world, were it in his power, to know that he is a believer. To have grace, and to be sure that we have grace, is glory upon the throne, it is heaven on this side heaven.

This irresistible cherry trifle-style cake comes together so quickly in a perfect harmony of flavors. The hardest part of the recipe is waiting for it to chill. The delicious layers of angel cake soak up the cherry pie filling and creamy vanilla pudding flavors so nicely for a divine dessert and makes this the best heaven on earth cake around.

Hearthstone was amazing!!! We absolutely our cabin at Heaven on Earth. The views were spectacular, the cabin was clean and beautiful. We will definitely be returning. Thank you to all who made our Anniversary very memorable.

We Loved the cabin it is very clean and the view is wonderful. We plan on renting this cabin again. This is the third time we have went through Hearthside and we will continue to use them in the future.

You were created to make an eternal impact far greater than you can imagine. God has placed the keys to the doors of heaven within you. He longs to call you out from the monotony of daily life into a higher pursuit of seeing the earth transformed by His goodness.

Heaven On Earth's body butters are handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality buttercream batches are made perfect! They are slowly hand mixed with special butters, essential oils, & yummy scents to create the ultimate experience you NEVER had with a body butter! Our body butters are heaven scent! They will give you a immediate relaxed feeling! We Promise! :)

Dreamy and decadent, Strawberry Heaven on Earth Cake is lush, trifle-esque dessert. Made with moist angel food cake, creamy pudding, whipped cream, and sweet strawberry pie filling, this delightful treat lives up to its heavenly name.

\"The view looking at the Pacific Ocean from there was breathtaking -- you felt like you were in heaven,\" Rockwell continued. \"I've seen some beautiful country sides in different states, but when I was standing there looking out, it looked like made me cry.\"

Located just outside San Francisco, and right along the San Andreas fault line, the natural beauty you see at Point Reyes is all the product of earthquakes. The 1906 earthquake that decimated San Francisco also moved the peninsula of Point Reyes 18 feet to the north in less than one minute. Positioned on the Pacific Plate, the peninsula is part of the Sierra Nevada mountains that were moved north from Southern California by the San Andreas fault. 041b061a72


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