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Mature 100

In Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC), the risk assessment, probability of developing locoregional recurrence and metastatic deposit, and the tailor-made post-operative treatment strategies for each patient are recommended by the multidisciplinary team (MDT) mainly on the basis of TNM staging and histopathological report. So far, there is no molecular biomarker to classify subgroups more accurately in OSCC. Earlier studies revealed that the level of mature miR-100 expression is significantly altered and frequently associated with poor prognosis suggesting that miR-100 can be a potential biomarker candidate in OSCC. In the present study, total 40 patients with newly diagnosed OSCC were selected and EDTA whole blood (onset of surgery), histopathology, follow-up outcome data were collected. We measured cell-free mature miR-100-5p expression through qRT-PCR using plasma samples from each patient. Here, we explored and tried to correlate their functional relationship between the pathological conditions and the level of cell-free mature miR-100-5p expression in plasma with respect to disease recurrence and metastasis in patients with OSCC.

mature 100

Terry Lynch, the Executive Director of the Downtown Cluster of Congregations has asked National Park Service officials to stop the removal of healthy, mature trees at Franklin Square Park in the heart of downtown, some of which were planted prior to 1936.

\"I never even thought that as a part of the 'Franklin Park Rehabilitation project' that mature, possibly 100-year-old or more trees that are healthy would be removed by the Park Service,\" Lynch said.

\"I will not have the pleasure of such majestic mature trees at this location again during my lifetime I know\", says Mr. Lynch. He has asked for a review of tree removals by the city's urban Forestry Administration prior to any more removals and that Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton review the actions by the National Park Service.

\"The National Park Service has left in place dead trees in many parks that they are responsible for in the city's neighborhood areas ...such as in Meridian Hill Park, yet here they are removing healthy mature trees in collaboration with the Downtown Business District? What sense does that make?\" Lynch said.

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