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American Siege

American victory. Outnumbered and outfought during a three-week siege in which they sustained great losses, British troops surrendered to the Continental Army and their French allies. This last major land battle of the American Revolution led to negotiations for peace with the British and the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

American Siege

In the fall of 1781, the British occupy Yorktown, where Cornwallis intends to refit and resupply his 9,000-man army. While he awaits supplies and much-needed reinforcements from the Royal Navy, the Continental Army seizes an opportunity. On receiving word that the French fleet will be available for a siege south of New Jersey, Washington and Rochambeau move their force of almost 8,000 men south to Virginia, planning to join and lead about 12,000 other militia, French troops, and Continental troops in a siege of Yorktown.

September 28. After a grueling march, the American and French forces arrive near Yorktown and immediately begin the hard work of laying siege to Cornwallis and his men. Cornwallis has thrown up a series of redoubts on the outskirts of Yorktown while the majority of his men hunker down in the town.

Despite having one of the most convoluted and messy plots I've ever seen in an action film, American Siege is incredibly lazy and generic. It's like they combined 15 movies into one film, with a hostage crisis/revenge epic/redneck rampage/safe cracking/siege-based conspiracy taking the center stage. The editing and effects are atrocious, and the soundtrack is what I'd politely call "Good Ole Boy Rock."

Nearly 400,000 civilians living in besieged East Ghouta are facing severe shortages of basic goods and lifesaving medical care. In its latest brief, Under Siege: The Plight of East Ghouta, SAMS highlights the devastating impact of the four-year long blockade on the health sector and underscores the pressing need to break the siege.

Only 107 doctors, including one oncologist and one neurosurgeon, remain to treat the nearly 400,000 residents of East Ghouta. These physicians, in many circumstances, are not able to provide much more than a diagnosis due to the severe shortages of medications and surgical supplies. Contagious diseases including salmonella, measles and tuberculosis, have spread. In July 2017, SAMS medical staff reported nearly 600 cases of typhoid in the besieged area. 041b061a72


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