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In WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition, "pure white" pups do not exist in the same sense that they did in past incarnations of WolfQuest for lack of an integrated experience system, thus they are no longer considered an unlockable reward. Only the cream-colored white-mix and its mottled white-cream counterpart are considered white.

In WolfQuest: Classic, this puppy-only coat is a reward unlocked when a player's wolf has earned 15,000 experience points. This puppy has a black nose, blue eyes, and faint traces of browns and grays in its fur. Contrary to popular belief, it is not truly pure white; it is simply a brightened edit of the standard white puppy coat.

Good food and refreshing drinks are part of the total experience at GIANT CenterSM. While you're here enjoy classic fare like hotdogs, popcorn, french fries, wings, and beer or choose from healthy alternatives including soups, salads, and wraps. And of course, it wouldn't be a trip to Hershey without something to satisfy your sweet tooth - enjoy ice cream, Hershey's chocolate treats, and more!

Book your group catering at GIANT Center and enjoy great food paired with sweet Hershey hospitality! Dinner packages complete with meal and show/game seating are available for meetings and other special occasions for up to 200 guests.View MenuDownload Order FormFor more information visit our Group Booking page.

Description: You are a werewolf. At the daytime you are a regular ice cream truck driver who serves up to boys and girls their favorite flavors. In the night, attack the same people and eat them. Use Arrows to drive your truck. Hold X to play your ice cream truck's tune and attract customers. Avoid from the cops. Use Z for second orders.

Whisper the Wolf (ウィスパーザウルフ[6], Uisupā za Urufu) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. She is a heroic anthropomorphic wolf and a former member of the now-dismantled Diamond Cutters who supports the Restoration and their allies. She is aided in her efforts by her own personal team of Wisps.

Inspiration for Whisper came from Sniper Wolf from the Metal Gear series, the Major from Ghost in the Shell and Kopaka from Bionicle.[7] Whisper's overall design is derived from one of the many models the female wolf Avatar from Sonic Forces could assume.[8] Whisper's early designs were somewhat different than the final version however. For example, she had blue hair and fur. She also had a more ostentatious costume and she did not originally have her iconic mask.[9]

The reason why Whisper's eyes almost always appear closed is for expressing her emotions. In comics and animation, eyes that can see while appearing closed can be short hand for a few things, including indicating that a character is wise, that they are constantly keeping a close eye on everything, or that a character is dealing with a lot of emotional pain. And all of those are kind of true for Whisper. Plus, when she does open her eyes, it lets the reader know that what she is looking at is very important.[10] It is also inspired by the traditional depiction of kitsunes with eyes appearing to be closed. Sega of Japan approved of Whisper's eye design despite her being a wolf, due to wolves serving the same role as kitsunes in older Japanese folklore.[11]

Whisper is an anthropomorphic wolf with brown skin and biscotti fur. She has thick black eyelashes and cloudy white fur around her eyes that resemble a mask. Her eyes are cadet blue, although they are often closed to the point of squinting. She wears light gray eyeshadow and has a long, bushy tail which ends in several tufts of fur sticking out in various directions. She also has a black nose, long-pointed ears and quite long hair that she keeps tied at the back in a ponytail with a black hair tie, save for a long, thick hair bang that covers her right eye. Her pointed cheeks are a little fluffy.[12] Her fangs protrude from her mouth which is often in a natural frow


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