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Dion And The Belmonts Discography Torrent

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dion and the belmonts discography torrent

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... DION WITH THE BELMONTS ...Dion & The Belmonts (1958-1960)1-A Teenager In Love2-I Wonder Why3-I Can't Go On (Rosalie)4-You Better Not Do That5-Tag Along6-It's Only A Paper Moon7-When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin' Along8-A Funny Feeling9-My Private Joy10-Every Little Thing I Do11-That's My Desire12-I'm Through With Love13-My Day14-Will You Love Me Still15-Swinging On A Star16-When You Wish Upon A Star17-In The Still Of The Night18-Where Or When19-Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words I Love You)20-Just You21-Come Take A Walk With Me22-That's How I Need You23-All The Things You Are24-Don't Pity Me25-No One Knows26-A Lover's Prayer27-September Song28-I've Cried Before29-Faith30-I Got The Blues31-Teen Angel32-Wonderful Girl33-It Was Never Meant To Be34-We Went Away - - - - - - - - - -Para descargarse el doble CD "The Complete Dion & the Belmonts" (con tomas alternativas, charlas, Dion y los Timberlanes, los Belmonts antes de unirse a Dion etc.) ir al blog: -belmonts.html( -Dion-Belmonts/dp/B00000J8PH )- - - - - - - - - -El álbum del 1966 Dion & The Belmonts - Together Again lo he subido a: DION & THE BELMONTS TOGETHER AGAIN ABC LP # S 599 (1966) [group reunited for this album]Producer (and studio) information: DiMont (probably Dion & the Belmonts)-Songs:1-MOVIN' MAN2-BERIMBAU3-COME TO MY SIDE4-ALL I WANNA DO5-BUT NOT FOR ME6-NEW YORK TOWN7-LOSERVILLE8-FOR BOBBIE9-JUMP BACK BABY10-BABY YOU'VE BEEN ON MY MIND11-MY GIRL THE MONTH OF MAY- - - - - - - - - -Y la mítica "Reunion" del '72 (en pleno Rock & Roll revival) en el Madison Square Garden de N.Y. y presentados, supongo, por Richard Nader, la he subido a: DION & THE BELMONTS REUNION Live at Madison Square Garden 1972 Warner Bros. LP # BS 2664 (1973) [group reunited for one evening June 2, 1972. Also there was a fourth Belmont on stage that night. In addition to Belmonts Carlo Mastrangelo, Angelo D'Aleo and Freddie Milano, Frank Lyndon sang] Producer (and studio) information: Dion DiMucci & Zach Glickman:(Madison Square Garden, NYC, remixed at Electric Lady) [Abraham, Martin & John was performed by Dion that night, but notincluded on the album] Songs:1- INTRODUCTION + I WONDER WHY2-A TEENAGER IN LOVE3-THE WANDERER4-NO ONE KNOWS5-RUBY BABY6-DRIP DROP7-THAT'S MY DESIRE8-WHERE OR WHEN9-RUNAROUND SUE [INCLUDES A PORTION OF THE SONG I NEED SOMEONE]10-LITTLE DIANE - - - - - - - - - - "THE LOST CONCERT" de Dion, los Belmonts y los Del Satins (1982) subido aquí: _The_Lost_Concert_1982.rar.html01.Dion w Belmonts- I Wonder Why02.Dion w Belmonts- The Wanderer03.Dion- Abraham Martin And John04.Dion w Belmonts- That's My Desire05.Dion w Belmonts- Ruby Baby06.Dion w Belmonts- Donna The Prima Donna07.Dion w Belmonts- chat +Drip Drop08.Belmonts- chat + Tell me Why-Belmonts- chat + Tell Me Why09.Dion w Belmonts- chat + It Was Only Yesterday10.Dion w Belmonts- Where Or When11.Dion w Belmonts- Oh Sweet Surrender12.Dion-Truth Shall Set You Free13.Dion w Belmonts- chat + A Teenager In Love14.Dion w Del Satins- Little Diane15.Del Satins- Teardrops Follow Me16.Dion w Belmonts- Love Came To Me17.Dion w Belmonts & Del Satins- Runaround SueDion re-united with The Belmonts for a special one-off show in New York, 1982. The event was recorded, but remained unreleased until now. A unique recording, featuring special guest appearance from The Del Satins. _lost_concert__1982_/Emiliano M. A. aka Rocky Monroe (Spain, 20008) 350c69d7ab




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