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Thomas Rogers
Thomas Rogers

Guns n Glory: A Fun and Innovative Mobile Game with Cowboys and Indians

Guns'n'Glory is a tower defence game taking place in the Wild West. The player's job is to use desperados, Mexicans, Indians, cannons and gatling guns to stop the settlers from reaching their goal. If too many settlers reach their goal it's game over for the player. The units are enlisted with gold collected from previous missions. Rather than a straight tower defence game, it offers a sense of mobility closer to a real-time strategy game where units can moved around based on the enemies' attack patterns, allowing a minimal defence with good tactics to succeed. Units can be upgraded and later in the game guns can for instance be mount on trains to move around quickly using train tracks. Additional gold nuggets and power-ups can be found in chests. The game features levels spread out over several locations such as Oregon, Alaska and Mississippi.

guns n glory

It's a tantalising prospect and a charmingly presented title. It's only let down by cumbersome controls that often fail you like those heartless Wood-Elves did the dwarfs in the battle for Erebor. Oh, and where have all the guns gone?




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