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Ramazan Subbotin
Ramazan Subbotin

Trannysurprise Pass

After Thailand the next stop was in Brazil and due to the time of the year the nightlife was truly amazing. We had decided to stay in a rather swanky hotel as this was a dangerous place from what we heard from the guides and people there. The first night out was great and we drank a lot and got to know the clubs nearby before making it back to the hotel to pass out. The second night however is one that has been imprinted in my mind for a long time...

trannysurprise pass

As soon as i opened the door she was all over me and i wasn't going to stop her because she was incredible looking. WE continued to kiss passionately before I pushed her onto my bed and got on top of her removing my shirt. She removed hers and I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed but she had amazing tits so round and really quite big but I new she must have had implants for those sort of breasts. I buried my face in them and we continued to laugh while I slowly slipped in some dirty talk, explaining that I was going to shove my cock deep inside her dripping pussy. The foreplay had been and gone and so she rolled me over and kissed her way down my chest towards my now firm, throbbing cock. She pulled down my shorts and started to suck me off. It was amazing and she had clearly had lots of experience as she was so damn good and I can remember it to this day. She continued to suck going from my dick to my balls and I could feel I was close to cumming so I said that I wanted to pleasure her and hold it in until later.

I took my dick out of her ass and went down on hers, we got into the 69 position and continued to suck. She came all in my mouth and i came in hers, I swallowed every drop and it actually tasted great. I then pretty much passed out on the bed. When I woke up it was like we were a couple, wrapped round each other in an embrace her tits right next to my face. She then said 'this holiday will be great and maybe your friends would be interested in me and my friend.' We continued to fuck every night trying new things in different positions until the last night when my friend joined in also. All three of us kissed each other and we fucked like a sandwich, I penetrated my friends asshole and took his cum in my mouth, talk about a holiday. 041b061a72




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