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Sean Magliozzi
Sean Magliozzi

NeoFinder Business 7.3 !!TOP!!

Stick with Mojave as long as you can. I decided not to go with the Adobe CC product and kept my Adobe Photoshop CS6. Yes, 6! In any event, I did upgrade to Catalina and PS CS6 would not load. I talked to Apple and we decided my best bet was to revert to Mojave. After reverting, all hell broke loose. In addition, I was using Dr Browns Image Processor 2. To revert to Mojave, Apple walked me through the "re-install" from a clean drive. I'm not going to go into that one! Bottom line, Bridge stopped recognizing some .CR2 raw files. I tried a PS CS6 re-install. No help. In any event, After Installing the Adobe DNG Converter I was back in business. Somewhat slowed but back in business. Sooooo, long story-short stay with Mojave. Sorry to go a bit off topic but I felt it was knowing.

NeoFinder Business 7.3





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